About Rabindra Baral & unit

rabindraRabindra Baral started his career in the year 1999. Director of Photography by profession, who has vast experience in the Film Trade since 1999.With his dedication to the profession, the unit progressed and was well established thus providing job opportunities to several Technicians in various sectors. All the required equipments wear supplied to the productions Houses along with well trained technicians elsewhere in Nepal and even for Abroad.

Keeping in view the trend and the development of the latest technology, He upgraded and well equipped from time to meet all the requirements with the International Standards. Thus progressing alongside in line with the development of the Film Industry and Fraternity all over and hence proclaiming itself as one of the best leading Cinematographer in Nepal well known for his quality.

Gopal Rijal(Aayush Rijal)Managing director

aayushMr. Rijal , renown actor in Nepal, working as managing director/Creative director Since its Creation.His Excellency is really appreciable to Monitoring the works in office and work as Creative Consultant in every Visual elements .

Shiva Sharma-Choreographer

Shiva Sharma

Awarded Choreographer/movie director in Nepal. His work is to direct music videos /Movie song videos and wherever we need to visualize a musicalĀ  elements.

Prabin Baral-Production Manager
Mr. Baral is handling all responsibilities in shooting spot, before- spot and after spot.He has vast knowledge of National and International projects. Basic responsibilities are to arrange equipments, crew, Location, lodging, food , Artists, According to requirements.
Pradip Dahal-EditorPradip dahal
Mr. Dahal has nice creativity in doing Editing, Graphics, Animation Color upgrading, and Finalizing all Visual elements including Movies.